WooCommerce Order Fulfillment Services

Verde Fulfillment USA has a top-shelf quick and efficient integration with WooCommerce with our WooCommerce Order Fulfillment Services.  Orders appear in our cloud-based system within one minute of your customer clicking “submit,” synchronizes your inventory between our system and WooCommerce, and automatically sends a shipment confirmation (tracking #) back to WooCommerce.  Our system provides the best customer experience for everyone!

Advantages of Verde’s WooCommerce Order Fulfillment Services

  1. Order Management: Our cloud-based system allows for real-time access to backorders, advance orders and any other complexities that may arise.

  2. Order Fulfillment:  Through our integration services, your orders are pushed into our cloud-based system within 15-seconds.  These orders process every hour on the hour 24/7, and also allow for address changes after processing for those last-minute customer change requests.  All orders have your branding, your message and customized pack slips.

  3. Order Confirmation (Tracking):  Once all picking and scanning of items is complete and your order is packed and shipped in our system, the assigned tracking # automatically writes back to WooCommerce where it sends the confirmation email back to your customer.  

  4. Product Returns:  We want your customers to have the best product return experience possible.  We customize our returns for you, the way you want to do it. See real-time what is happening with any product return, increase the return-on-investment and make your customers happy!

  5. Inventory Management:  Verde’s inventory management system is updated in real-time as orders come in and locks up that inventory so you will never be in an oversold position.  We also have inventory alarms that automatically let you know when you have reached a low value, and can turn off the item in your shopping cart. Intuitive and smart.  

  6. Multi-Channel Support:  Because we have integrations with all major order-stream platforms such as Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, you can use Verde’s cloud-based system as your central inventory and order management system.  One place, all orders. One place, all inventory. Easy.

  7. Specialized Packing Services: If you like order gift-wrapped or assembled or whatever idea you have, our packing teams can certainly make your ideas a reality.  Dream it up and we will make it happen!

  8. Dedicated Customer Service: You have your own highly trained Client Coordinator, who is your go-to-person via email, phone or Skype every day to assist you with anything and everything related to your orders, inventory, inbounds, shipping, etc.  They are like your own personal assistant for your brand!

  9. IT Support:  Inevitably you will have a request that will require our IT team to get involved to ensure a smooth transition of promo’s such as ‘free shipping’ or ‘$5 shipping.’  Know that we work with our clients everyday to ensure there are no issues and orders continue to process continually. It’s what we do!

  10. Best-Way Shipping:  Our WooCommerce order fulfillment services integration includes the ability to rate-shop any order in any way you could imagine.  If you want to rate-shop just USPS services or just FedEx services, we can do that. Your business moves quickly forward, and ‘best-way’ shipping makes it that much better, plus saving you money!

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