Passionate about Our business,

passionate about the environment


We try and do our part to help keep the earth a greener place.  This is because it doesn't cost extra, it makes us happy, and we love the outdoors.  We all spend every chance we get on the snow, on our bikes, in the mountains, or on the river. 

At Verde, what we do is not rocket-science, we just do business smart.  We use the best green business practices as a sustainable company with minimal impact on the environment:

  • We use new recycled paper for packing slips. This not only reduces the amount of natural resources we use, but also keeps specific chemicals out of the watershed.
  • 99.9999% of what we use is recycled or reused within our warehouse operation. 
  • We purchase green power from our local utility, and use eco-friendly lighting throughout our facility.
  • Our electric forklifts run on green power. There are no noxious fumes to penetrate your products and make them stink.
  • We use brand-new recycled boxes to ship your products. It not only looks nice, it makes you feel good, too! By doing this, we are able to save small forests each year.
  • We buy all office/packing and warehouse supplies locally. No one has to use up packing supplies to ship us packing supplies.
  • When we invoice, it’s electronic, not paper.  You're welcome.
  • Verde saves enough paper to produce over 3,000 average elementary school textbooks per year.
  • Our hearts are in the right place.