Privacy Policy

Verde Fulfillment USA understands and believes in privacy for our clients, prospects and consumer shipments.  Consumer privacy practices are strictly adhered to in all parts of our business processes.

Verde follows guidelines from all of the markets we are present in, including US Data Privacy Laws, the EU Data Protection Regulation (EUDPR), and Japan’s Data Privacy Laws, which generally are the most strict in the world. We perform regular checks to verify we meet these requirements.

Verde only collects information that clients and prospects voluntarily provide in our information request form.  Any email marketing is opt-in and an option to opt-out at any point. If you wish to opt-out of email communications, please send an email to the address listed below.  We do not share or sell this information with other companies or organizations for commercial purposes. Any customer information is owned and managed by our clients. We follow strict guidelines when processing this information, including PCI and other regulations.  

If you have any questions about Verde’s use or handling of your data and where it falls, please contact your customer service rep or email