The Verde Team is Efficient. Reliable. Totally Awesome.

Verde Fulfillment USA began in 2007 during the down-turn in the U.S. economy.  It was the brainchild of Entrepreneur and Founder, Greg McRoberts, who knew there was a better way of building a better, more efficient global distribution system for brands.  With that in mind, he created the Best Order Fulfillment Services company in the US.

The Team is made up of an eclectic group of cyclists, rock climbers, kayakers, SUP'ers, trail runners, skiers, boarders, computer geeks and motor heads. They take their business as seriously as they make their playtime.  They are incomparable at what they do. From pickers and packers, to inventory and customer service, these people have outstanding positive attitudes, and Verde is extremely grateful to have them be part of the family.  The team and culture is why Verde is so successful taking care of its clients.