Order Fulfillment Services

(Pick and Pack)

We specialize in e-commerce fulfillment, direct to store or DC fulfillment (B2B fulfillment), as well as product returns management.  For our order fulfillment services (pick and pack), we utilize mobile barcode scanners to validate orders during the picking and packing process. We also employ a two-step order check to ensure accuracy, which is why we have an enviable mis-pick rate of a mere 0.0036% (versus the industry average of 4%). This makes Verde the most-trusted name in order fulfillment services company in the US market.

You can view all order progress live 24/7 in our cloud-based system. You never have to wonder if an order shipped or what the tracking number is. With up to the minute tracking information, Verde Fulfillment has your order fulfillment services (pick and pack) covered.

  • Rate-Shop Shipping (Best Way Shipping)

  • Quickbooks integration to push orders directly into our system

  • Online order processing (access 24/7 anywhere, anytime)

  • Complete pick and pack ship for B2B, B2C, E-comm drop-shipping

  • Drop-shipping to retailers and consumers

  • Automatic address correction/verification

  • Product returns processing, inspection, relabeling for shipment

  • Insertion of brochures, flyers, stickers, etc. into any package

  • EDI transactions and integrations

  • Hazmat certified

  • The Best Order Fulfillment Services, bar none

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