Answers to your most common questions

1) How can I find the order status for a shipment?

  • Log in to your VeraCore account and click on <Orders> then <Inquiry>
  • Use the "ID Search String" to find the order in the list below
  • The order status will be listed in the column "Status" and will have a code:
    • P = Pending (the order has been processed but not shipped)
    • S = Shipped (the order has shipped)
    • C = Complete (the tracking has written back and the order is now closed)
    • X = Canceled (the order was canceled, or backorders on the order were canceled)
    • B = Backordered (there are items on the order that are backordered)
    • U = Unprocessed (the order is in our system, but has not been processed for picking yet)

2) How can I find the tracking number for a shipment?

  • Log in to your VeraCore account and click on <Orders> then <Inquiry>
  • Use the "ID Search String" to find the order in the list below
  • Click once on the order in the list, then click <Shipping Information>
  • The tracking number will be highlighted in blue; double-click on the tracking number to see status

3) I need to change the shipping method, address or SKU on an order.  Help.

  • Email or call your Client Coordinator at Verde
  • Your Client Coordinator will make the necessary changes for you
  • Please do not attempt to make these changes yourself in VeraCore.  This can cause issues with order processing

4) How do I notify Verde of an inbound shipment?

  • Log in to the Client Area of Verde's website: (password=VerdeIsGreen)
  • Click on Client Knowledge Base button at the top of the page
  • Go down to "Important Information" section and click on: <To register a new Inbound Shipment, CLICK HERE>

5) My inventory numbers seem off, what do I do?

  • Before you panic, you will need to understand some basic inventory reports, which usually tell you the answer
  • Log in to your VeraCore account and click on <Reports> and then <Products>
  • These two reports will tell you most everything you need and answer your questions:
    • Product Summary Report - Gives you an overview of your summary by SKU or many SKU's at one time
    • Product Transaction Summary Report - Gives you all transactions (orders, adjustments, returns, etc.) for a SKU
  • Once you have run these reports and you still have questions, please email or call your Client Coordinator here at Verde and they will do their very best to help you with your inquiry.


A few stats about our home office in Boise, Idaho:

#2 Best in the U.S. "Destinations You Need To See in 2018"
Lonely Planet | March 2018

America's Fastest-Growing Cities 2018 (Boise #1)
Forbes | March 2018

North America's Coolest Downtowns (Boise #4)
Expedia | February 2018

50 Best Places to Travel in 2018
Travel+Leisure | December 2017

Best Cities for Quality of Life (Boise #5)
NerdWallet | October 2017

Top 50 Safest Cities in the World (Boise #8)
The Daily Meal | October 2017

Top 10 Best State Capitals to Live In 2017 | September 2017

#1 Top Performing Economy (Idaho)
Bloomberg | August 2017

Best Run City in America (Nampa #1, Boise #3)
WalletHub | July 2017



Boise Downtown

Boise Downtown

Boise Foothills

Boise Foothills