Global Brand Seeks EDI Capabilities

When selling soft goods focused in the outdoor industry, great success often times comes with working with big box retailers. That was the case for this globally known brand producing luxury sporting goods apparel for athletes. Their biggest challenge came when purchasers started contacting them from large retailers. This is a great opportunity for any company but also can have some challenges when they couldn’t efficiently process those orders on a large scale. This global brand was focused on the following when looking for their 3PL partnership:

  • A team capable of adhering to routing guidelines set forth by the purchaser

  • EDI capabilities to work with the big box retailers

  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities to help scale their business

Their Success Story

With purchase orders in hand, they really needed a partnership that could assist with the compliance guidelines set forth from the big box retailers like REI, Sportsmans Warehouse,, Evo Gear, etc. This company found Verde in late 2016 at the peak of their winter season. Verde was able to receive their stock and release their outbound shipments just in time to reach the retailers for their holiday season sales. With the EDI connection, producing and shipping those orders came with a breeze. Verde’s compliance team can handle all specific routing guides including bagging, tagging, speciality label placement, ASN submissions, and any other special requirements. There are no limitations when it comes to adhering to routing guidelines for a retailer. 

Over the last three years, this brand has built over 20 partnerships with big box retailers and the purchase orders have increased not only in frequency, but also in size. Ad-hoc reporting has given this brand the knowledge and foresight for future inventory and labor planning to ensure success in their future endeavors.

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