Sports Apparel Brand 3PL Success

As an apparel brand that was rapidly gaining traction with consumers, growing the business became difficult when faced with 3 key bottlenecks from in-house fulfillment:

  • Staff and resources to fulfill purchase orders from key retailers (REI,, Cabela’s)

  • IT System and ad-hoc reporting capabilities

  • Square footage needed to store enough inventory to accept and fulfill retail sized orders

They found that with the challenges they were facing, they would need to find a strong partnership that could assist them with their growth. Realizing that they were not able to do this alone, they started looking for a 3PL partnership that could easily scale with their needs, had strong IT capabilities, had aligning core values in regards to their global footprint, and had the expertise in processing large retail-based orders.

Their Success Story

This apparel brand found Verde Fulfillment USA in early 2009 and has been successfully growing since. Taking logistics off their plate allowed them much more time and freedom to focus on other aspects of their business that allowed them to scale. The two primary areas in which they’ve been able to focus their time to have been marketing and building their retail relationships.

Over the past 10 years, this apparel brand has grown its retail partnerships to over 200 retailers nationwide. They’ve also streamlined many of their internal processes using the automated reporting features within our warehouse management system. This has allowed much more time dedicated to the key factors in growing their brand. They are no longer constrained in regards to their inventory storage and are able to order from their manufacturer in larger quantities. This has many positive factors in regards to the available stock they have for retail orders, as well as the discounted pricing they’re able to receive from their manufacturer for the larger quantities being made.

The Brand Numbers:

  • 2009 = $1.5M USD, 2 containers, 18 smaller air freights, 90% B2B, 10% B2C, 7 employees

  • 2018 = $12.5M USD, 9 containers, 0 air freights, 45% B2B, 55% B2C, 18 employees

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