David and Goliath: Battling A Giant in the World of Commerce

A classic tale, relatable in modern terms to battling the big corporation persona while trying to market as a small company. Needing to be seen in the world of e-commerce, it’s easy to get lost within the walls of a company representing so many vendors. So how does a small shepherd boy compete against a giant? We believe it can be done much in the same way David did. When a company gets too big, weighed down with it’s “heavy armor”, it’s hard to maneuver quickly and effectively. A smaller company, such as Verde, is able to use creativity and tools to promote and accelerate the client’s growth.   

Goliath (Amazon) can’t see very well.  The size and growth of a large corporation inhibits the vision just as it did with Goliath. David was able to nimbly move around Goliath, staying out of his effective range, seeing things that the giant wasn’t able to see.

Your story is special. Keep it special and tell it your way. See it the way your customers see you and stay true to the company you were always meant to be.

  • Verde’s service is one-on-one. When you are a huge corporation like Amazon, you lose the personal touch needed in fulfillment and successful on-boarding. Let Verde help you keep your shipments special as you intended.

Goliath has power, but can’t move.  Goliath put on heavy armor to protect himself. Just as the weight of the armor made it so Goliath wasn’t able to move quickly, the same pertains to you and your customer’s needs. Verde is able to act quickly with personalized attention to your very individual circumstances. We are not a one service type of company. We can provide you service through many different tasks.  

  • Adding custom packaging on-demand or marketing materials into your shipments is easy for Verde.

  • Power doesn’t equal good service but being able to act quickly and efficiently does.

  • Own your brand communication, speak your story, and tell your own tale. We like to be involved in promoting the unique aspects of your company.  Please let us!

David wins by using a clever mind and dead-on accuracy.  Verde would like to help you win too. It’s our aim to integrate our excellent customer service and marketing tools as if it is happening within the walls of your own company. Did you know that when you call Verde, you actually get to talk with a person? We like to think of ourselves as an extension of you. If you don’t succeed, neither will we. That’s the difference.  

Food for thought:

  • Are you the underdog fighting the big giant?

  • Are you nimble and quick in your movements, able to move to the market needs and demands?  

  • Do you have too many roadblocks in place for your customers to keep them from coming back?  

At Verde, we like being the David of the fulfillment industry. We’ve always prided ourselves on delivering the absolute best customer service in the industry because we are not too big. We deliver one on one service, customized on-boarding, and overall hands-on service to our clients. We are not too big and we never want to be that way.  

Think about your fulfillment options. Are you getting what you need, or roadblocks? How can you stand out?   Is your fulfillment partner there for you 100% of the time?

Special Services we offer, not provided by “Goliath:"

  1. Customized packaging

  2. One on one on-boarding experience

  3. Assigned hands-on client services member

  4. Quality Control checks when needed

  5. Special Projects

  6. Virtually any request you need