Best Practices For Footwear Fulfillment

It’s no secret that today’s consumer is more than happy to purchase footwear online, whether it’s from a brick and mortar’s online store, or strictly an online only store.  So what are some of the best practices for footwear fulfillment to ensure your products get to their destination on-time and perfect?

To begin with, always make sure your products arrive at your fulfillment company in master cartons.  This makes it quick and simple to receive inventory for pick and pack, and also makes it easy for shipping master cartons back out to large customers, such as Zappos (, Amazon (, or (, for example.  Footwear fulfillment can be made easy following this first step.

The next step with footwear fulfillment is to always try and sell the larger online retailers in master carton quantities.  This allows your fulfillment company to pick and pack quickly using master cartons, plus this pushes your retail partners to commit to purchasing a solid amount of product and not cherry picking SKU’s and sizes according to their plan.  

The final step in footwear fulfillment is to ensure your own brand’s shopping cart has a very accurate sizing chart for all countries you plan on having your fulfillment company pick and pack orders to.  You want to minimize the number of product returns as much as possible to retain as much profit margin as you can.  Every product return diminishes your margins.  Also make sure your shopping cart is fully integrated directly with your shopping cart to ensure all orders are pushed instantly to your fulfillment company.  This is first and foremost in creating your own efficiencies in getting quick pick and pack orders to your customers.  

Overall, footwear fulfillment is not hard from the fulfillment company point of view.  The hardest part is making sure your manufacturer gets the sizing correct, colors correct, soles glued on correctly and so on.  Getting your shopping cart integrated is also very easy.  Remember that the more organized your company is, the easier it is to fulfill orders and make everyone happy.  For more information about on our footwear fulfillment, click here.