What are 3PL Services? Why should I Use 3PL Warehousing?

The please-dont-pull-your-hair-out-trying-to-figure-this-3PL-services-thing guide

1) So, what are 3PL Services? 
3PL Services actually stands for 3rd party logistics, or third party-unrelated to the business. That’s us—we’re the third party!

2) So what do 3PL warehousing companies actually do?
We handle ALL aspects of shipping your product from anywhere in the world to our facilities and then straight into your customers hands. Our experts take care of your product as if they were our very own.

3) You handle all the shipping, but what about order fulfillment services?
So, you have a great product. You want that great product to get to your customers. But, you don’t know how. That’s where our 3PL services come in. We take the pressure off you and let you run your business while we handle the logistics of your product from anywhere in the world to our 3PL warehousing facility,, and then all the way to its new happy owner.

Here are the specific things we do for you:

We get your product to our facility:
We decide the most efficient, green and quick medium to use to transport your product after it’s been manufactured to our facility.

We store your products:
We handle all the logistics of warehousing your product. We receive your products, inspect them and sort them into their home at our 20,000+ square foot facility run exclusively by green power.

We process your customers’ orders:
We have a cloud-based order fulfillment services processing system that we can access 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

Real-time order tracking is what we’re all about. We know where the product is at every step of the process right up to the minute it gets to your customers’ homes. We immediately send you and your customers an email tracking number too, so everyone knows the status of the product shipment.

We can also manage multiple carriers, rates and transportation services for you. (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.).

We do pick and pack services and shipping for B2B, B2C and E-commerce fulfillment:
Whatever you need to ship, we’ll ship it for you. This includes drop-shipping to retailers and consumers, bulk distribution and marketing collateral distribution.

Arrange inbound international shipments, brokerage and US Customs clearance. Our expert fulfillment services team handles all the logistics of all of this. We make it easy to get your products out of the US or into the US—just leave it to us!

We assemble your materials and send them out via sustainable shipping practices:
Insert brochures, flyers, stickers, marketing materials, inserts etc. into any package—with our eco-friendly tape and newly recycled boxes in our green facility.

We handle product returns:
We also do product returns processing, inspection and relabeling for shipments. Returns happen, but we make it a pleasant experience. Whatever your customer needs, we help them with our easy return shipping labels and dedicated customer service.