Green Shipping: A Feel Good Order Fulfillment Solution That Cost Nothing Extra

Why Verde Fulfillment is just as fast, just as friendly, just as smart, and on top of that: why we are greener than everyone else. 

1) We Speak Fluent Green Shipping Across The World
We set up a smart, individualized and green shipping strategy in advance of each client’s shipping from abroad to the good ol’ USA. We ship in the greenest ways possible, first by ocean transport and next through the eco-friendly freight rail, when possible. The transport companies bring the product straight to our oh-so-green facility in Boise where it’s greeted by our staff of loveable experts.
• Blow-your-mind Fact: If we compare road to rail, 90% of the total domestic transport emissions come from the road. Rail is responsible for only 0.6% of diesel emissions. (

2) The Red Carpet Is So Last Year. We Roll Out The Green Carpet
Once your product arrives safely into our Boise facility, it gets treated like a super star celeb. Think "Rafael" if you're an EU Football fan! Your products will relax in our 20,000+ square foot facility that’s entirely powered by green power, specifically wind power.
• Blow-your-mind Fact: One Megawatt of Wind Energy = 2,600 Fewer Tons of Carbon Dioxide (

3) Our Fork Lifts Are Cooler Than Theirs
Our electric forklifts don’t emit any carbon monoxide or noxious emissions. The other guys use forklifts powered with propane. This gives off fumes that sink into your packaging and materials causing them to smell…bad. Do you want your customer receiving that product? Didn’t think so.
• Blow-your-mind Fact: Verde uses green shipping to transport 60 tons of materials each year using eco-friendly electric forklifts.

4) Lets Just Say We Have A Lot Of Best Friends In Boise
We buy everything we own locally. Once we receive your product in our warehouse, it sits pretty in our locally bought bins and shelves. Then, we plan and oversee its unique journey right from our used and repurposed office desks and chairs. We do much better work when we feel good about what’s underneath our derrieres.
• Blow-your-mind Fact: Transportation by shipping produces emissions of 1 billion metric tons of CO2 and uses 11 billion gallons of fuel per year internationally. (

5) We Think Outside, Around and Over The Box
Your products get packaged into freshly recycled boxes bought from our local manufacturers. Our expert team delicately and quickly packs these brand new recycled boxes to perfection. Your customers will open them and be pleasantly surprised at the care put into each package. It’s like Christmas morning every day with Verde.
• Every ton of cardboard that is recycled saves over 9 cubic yards of landfill space. (

6) Our Packing Slips May Have Once Belonged to A President
We produce our packing slips from new, 100% recycled paper. This not only reduces the amount of natural resources we use, but also keeps specific chemicals out of the watershed. We also only invoice electronically so no paper’s wasted.
• Blow-your-mind-fact: Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S. (Recycling revolution)

7) Even Our Tape is Green
The wonderful stickiness that keeps your product safely inside our recycled boxes is recycled too. Really? Yes. Our recycled security tape has security strings and water activated glue. It’s serious stuff.
• Blow-your-mind-fact: Verde uses over 500 meters of recycled paper tape each week.

8) We See Into The Future. It’s A Verde Superpower
We work with our clients to plan smart in advance. We come up with a strategy that allows for enough time to send your shipments by FedEx Ground. This way, the impact is smaller and your product gets to your customers faster.
• Blow-your-mind Fact: Verde has been able to “green” clients’ businesses by 25% to 40%.

9) We Buy Carbon Offsets, Not Armani Suits
We use our green to buy green. We purchase carbon offsets for every single shipment each month. This helps increase the natural world's capacity to recycle carbon dioxide and offset any emissions we may have given off in the process of striving to be 100% eco-friendly.
• Verde has bought enough Carbon Offsets to plant a small forest.

10) We Recycle Everything. And We Mean Everything
99.9% of everything we use at our facility is recycled. We produce one bag of trash in our entire 20,000+ square foot facility that someone takes home each week. We don’t even have an account with the local waste company!
• Blow-your-mind Fact: On average, each person produces 4.4 pounds of solid waste each day. This adds up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year. (Recycling revolution)