Completing the Circle of Eco-Fulfillment

Have you ever wondered about the carbon-footprint of all of those supposedly "green" products on the market?  All too often, we hear of companies who create a green product with eco-friendly packaging and excellent marketing to back it all up.  But then what happens?  They forget to 'complete the circle' of why they created that green product in the first place.  How will they get that newly created green product from the factory to the consumer?  Most companies will simply turn a blind eye or quickly look the other way and just say, "it's out of our control."  Don't fall prey to that false thinking.  There are actually quite a few companies who look at all aspects of their supply chain to ensure it's as green as possible.  Case in point is Patagonia ( and I/O Bio Merino (  Both of these companies are champions in fields simply because they attempt as best they can to 'complete the circle' of sustainability.  Think about what you or your company can do to complete your circle.  Is your fulfillment (3PL) service provider an eco-fulfillment company?  If not, do they use a green shipping or green logistics company?  How is your product shipped out and in what type of boxes and packing materials?  These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself and your supply chain partners.  You can green your company, it's not an overwhelming process unless you just don't start.  Give us a call and we can show you how.