Benefits of Using a USA 3PL Warehousing Service For Your Business

You know what a 3PL and eco-friendly fulfillment is, but you want to know specifically how this will benefit your company, right? (By the way, 3PL means Third Party Logistics)

Here’s how you know you need a 3PL warehousing service:

  1. You have inventory stacked all over your office. So much that going into the room it’s in gives you a panic attack. Or you have to step over boxes just to get to the front door.

  2. You manage your shipping warehouse and operations in-house and therefore have little time to actually grow your business through sales and marketing.

  3. You have an awesome product, you had it manufactured, and now you’re wondering how to ship it to your customers in the most efficient way possible.

Sound like your business? Verde Fulfillment USA can help.

Here’s how a Green 3PL will benefit you:

  1. We get all the inventory out of your office or from your manufacturing facility and store it in our green-powered USA 3PL warehousing facility. From our boxes to our tape to our forklifts, everything is green, recycled and makes you feel good inside!

  2. We take the entire operations side of the business out of your hands. We do everything from getting your product to our facility, after it’s been manufactured, to shipping it right into your customers’ hands.

  3. We figure out all the logistics. Packaging, shipping, finding carriers, order tracking, customs and more-- all with green fulfillment.

  4. We book the fastest/cheapest/most eco-friendly routes for your shipment so you can feel good about your carbon footprint and the low impact you’re having on the environment.

  5. We send you and your customers a personal tracking email so everyone can keep tabs on the package delivery.

  6. We maintain deep relationships with our carriers to ensure timely deliveries and the best service possible.

  7. We save you money. By outsourcing the administrative team that oversees all the shipping logistics in your company, you’re reducing your costs immensely.

  8. We save you money a second time. This is because there’s no need to purchase and maintain warehouses or shipping equipment.

  9. We are accountable. You can hold your 3PL fulfillment company responsible for all shipments made along the supply chain and have someone to turn to for answers.

  10. We’re experts at in the USA 3PL warehousing business, as well as international. We live and breathe green order fulfillment and green warehousing. We handle all aspects of shipping from start to finish and we take care of your products as if they were our very own.