Best Practices For Receiving Inventory

You may think that your supplier or manufacturer never makes mistakes, right?  Here's an interesting statistic for you...85% of all shipments to Verde have something wrong with them.  From lot #'s and UPC's being incorrect, to having hang-tags with wrong SKU's on them.  Our job is to catch these mistakes and make the correct for you, your suppliers and most importantly, your customers.  


Here is a list of the Best Practices to ensure your inventory is received quick and efficient at Verde.  

  1. Send a packing list in a .csv spreadsheet to your Client Manager before the shipment arrives at Verde.  We can usually spot anomalies during this phase that could potentially slow down the receiving process, such as wrong barcodes (UPC's), descriptions, lot #'s, etc.
  2. Ensure each carton that arrives has the correct SKU and description on the outside of the carton for master cartons, and a list of SKU's on the outside of mixed item cartons.  This way, our receiving teams can quickly receive the master cartons into inventory, while another team is receiving the mixed item cartons, which are usually much slower.
  3. Probably one of the most important things you can do is make sure your inventory is clearly marked with barcodes, SKU and description.  If it is not clearly marked, the inventory receiving team puts it off to the side to be completed as a project.  
  4. Always discuss the timeline for your inventory being received with your Client Manager if you have special requirements, such as tagging, kitting or assembly needed for a quick turn-around.  The more we communicate with one another about your specific needs, the better your expectations are matched with ours.