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Seller fulfilled prime

Do you want to take advantage of selling to Amazon Prime Members?  Do you want to ensure your products are prepared perfectly for FBA?  Verde Fulfillment USA is the expert in all Amazon Prep Services. We know all of the packaging guidelines and we guarantee that we will meet or exceed FBA Prep Services requirements 100% of the time for you and your customers.

Verde has been helping brands with FBA Prep Services for over 10 years.  If you dream it up, we can handle it. Read up and let us know if we can help you sell and thrive in the largest marketplace in the world! Pricing is at the bottom of this page.

Seller-fulfilled prime

If you want to take advantage of selling to Amazon's Prime members without the hassle of dealing with Amazon's FBA services and fees, Verde Fulfillment USA has the answer for you.  We have a direct Amazon integration so your Prime orders come into our system quickly and go out the same day.  Why pay those crazy Amazon fees when you can use Verde for everything you do through Amazon, especially using our Seller-Fulfilled Prime process.  For more information, read our recent blog posting: The-case-for-seller-fulfilled-prime

Amazon Prep Services:

  • QC - Quality Control

  • Labeling

  • Repackaging

  • Fragile item prep

  • Poly bag units

  • Case-packed products

  • Loose products

  • Sold as a set

  • Boxed units

  • Adult products prep

  • Photo documentation

  • Expiration dates

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How It Works:

  1. You notify Verde that you would like to use our FBA Prep Services: See form below

  2. Verde requests all details, pictures, etc. of what your prep involves with an online form

  3. Verde creates a work-order for you with all costings detailed out for your approval

  4. You ship your products to Verde Prep Services c/o your name, 27 N Phillippi St., Boise, ID 83706

  5. You send a spreadsheet of the packing list before it arrives at Verde

  6. You send Verde any labels, barcodes, packaging, etc. you want us to use

  7. You provide Verde with the tracking #’s of your inbound shipment

  8. Verde completes the work quickly, prepares your shipment, arranges for freight pick-up.

  9. You create a “Send Merchandise” shipping plan in your FBA account for all of the items, using our address as the “send from” address: Verde Fulfillment USA, 27 N Phillippi St., Boise, ID 83706

  10. We box all the items into multiple warehouse-shipments per these instructions, and then we email you the number of actual packages per warehouse shipment and the dimensions and weight of each package

  11. You enter the dimensions and weight of each package into your FBA account, and thus gain the option to print (and pay for) shipping labels

  12. You download shipping labels as PDF, and email them all to us

  13. All packages are rechecked, then we seal them, and label them with carrier and FBA box labels

  14. You pay for the services by credit card by Verde Fulfillment USA

  15. Verde releases the shipment on schedule and on time to the freight companies

  16. Turn-around time for prep depends on quantity and scope of the prep work required

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FBA Prep Services Pricing

  • Quality Control = $0.50 to $0.75/unit

  • General Processing & Handling = $0.50/unit

    • Ensure your shipment is Amazon compliant

    • Unpacking cartons

    • Counting units

    • Visual inspection

    • Sticker removal

    • Tag/pricing removal

    • Hang tag install

  • Glass Handling = $0.75/piece

  • Labeling = $0.30/unit

    • Made in China

    • Suffocation Warning

    • Do Not Separate - This is a set

    • Fragile

    • Best by

    • FNSKU

    • SKU

    • Includes these but are not limited to these…

  • Amazon Compliant Poly Bags = $0.50 - $1.00 (depending on size), includes heat seal

  • Master Carton Re-boxing = $3.50/carton. Any cartons exceeding the FBA guideline of 50lb weight limit each carton, or longer than 25" on any side needs to be re-boxed into an Amazon compliant carton

  • Bubble wrap = $0.40/foot (12x16 inches)

  • Handling Shipping Cartons = $0.75/unit

    • Repacking your shipping cartons

    • Dims/Weights of shipping cartons

  • Applying your shipping labels Package Replacement Services = $0.75/unit (please include at least 10% extra packaging in your shipment so your outbound shipments are not delayed, or product withheld from shipment)

  • Plastic/Clamshell packaging replacement = $1.00 unit

  • Insert Placement = $0.15/unit (Large inserts requiring folding, inserts requiring specialized placement, or other considerations are subject to increases of $0.10 to $0.25 per unit)

  • Bundling = $0.75/unit (subject to change based on actual work)

  • Product Sorting = $0.15/unit

  • Pallet prep = $25 each includes shrink wrap (not including cost of pallet)

  • Oversize/Heavy Boxes = $4.00 extra (over 50-pounds)

  • Amazon Product Returns or Removal Orders

    • Each Carton = $3.50

    • Each Item = $0.50

  • Standard fees will apply if additional services needed

  • Cross Dock/Forwarding:

    • Each Carton = $7.50/carton

  • Temporary Storage: 10 business days free with prep services only

  • Long Term Storage: $25/pallet per month

  • Minimum Prep Charges = $150

  • Empty Box Prices:

    • Small = $1.50

    • Medium = $2.50

    • Large = $3.50

    • X-Large = $4.00

    • Gaylord = $20.00

  • Absolutely no hazmat product is allowed for prep services