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I am a high energy self-starter, serial-entrepreneur and opportunist.  I believe that if you have a "can-do attitude," you can do anything, and do it well.  That's the Verde spirit, and the way I live my life.  When I'm not working with our clients or the Verde Team, you will find me playing on my bikes or skis, chasing my family around our incredible Idaho playground.  Favorite Quote: "Action always beats intention." 

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I'm a Nebraska native, one of the few people that can still say they attended a one room school house on the prairie. I  have a B.S in Finance and been loving life in Idaho for almost 20 years.  I am an avid Husker fan and love the outdoor life.  I love competing in sports and spending time with my family.  You gotta love Idaho and Verde for helping make life good!

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A young girl from a mountain town, departs upon the world, to discover who she really is.  Little Jessica, potato farmer by nature runs away from the fame and fortune.  One cold morning while harvesting the crop by hand, she snaps off the metal from her hand hoe, and ties the knife blade to her shoes.  She skates into glory, and finds hope within the big metropolis that they call Boise.  They now refer to her as the BOM!

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I am a proud Idaho Native who loves my family and the great outdoors. Between my family, fishing, hunting, and work, my life is busy and extremely exciting, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love Verde and what we do here, and love the awesome people who make our company what it is!

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I'm an Idaho native with a love for skiing, hiking, and brewing beer.  I have a B.A. in Philosophy from Boise State University where I refined my logic and reason skills.  As the Inventory Manager at Verde Fulfillment I dedicate my time to running a great department with dedicated, pro Inventory Specialists.  While most of my work day consists of auditing packing slips and inventory counts, I still love getting out into the Idaho wilderness or finishing my day off, relaxing with a home brewed beer.



I was Born and raised in Idaho. I am a technical theatre major. I ride, fix, and build motorcycles. I love family, camping, and carpentry. I’m just anal retentive enough to run Vendor Compliance and Projects. Stout Beers! Verde!

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I'm a home-grown Idahoan, raised on a small farm in the foothills. I started out as a temp worker at Verde and liked it so much that I became a full time employee. Now I help run the inventory department! When away from Verde I'm happily busy with the life of a step-mom, girl scout leader, and general adventurer. If you need a detailed count for a shipment, a buddy for a trip into the wilderness, or a costume for a convention, I've got you covered.

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I grew up in the mountains of Idaho, and have spent time traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East. I went to Boise State University for Health Administration, then found a happy home at Verde.  I love being back in Idaho where I can spend as much time outside in the mountains as possible.