Portland Fulfillment Centers

Are you looking for a Portland fulfillment center, or something in that geographic area?  Look no further than Verde Fulfillment USA.  We have centers located in Boise, ID, Wilkes-Barrie, PA, which covers the bulk of the US market in fast 2-day shipping.  We have the West Coast and the East Coast sewn up nicely for you and your customers, plus we're located 1-day inland from the coasts, a definite advantage with shipping rates.  

Don’t think we don’t all love the Portland area.  It's got the awesome coffee shops on every corner, the Cascade Mountains, the beautiful rivers and of course the weather.  We love it there, and we play there often.  We just believe that having closer access to West Coast and East Coast locations, while overlapping in the middle of the US, gives brands all the coverage they need for keeping costs down and orders moving fast worldwide!  Therefore, a Portland fulfillment center may not be necessary for you.

Our cloud-based systems allow you to have access to your data 24/7.  From real-time inventory numbers, orders, and product returns, to a dashboard showing the top metrics of your choice.  We’ve got you and your brand covered.  Oh, and if you want to integrate your shopping cart automatically to our system, not a problem there, either.

 Please feel free to look around our website for additional information on how we can help your brand thrive.