Order Fulfillment (Pick + Pack)

For our order fulfillment services (pick and pack), we utilize mobile bar-code scanners to validate orders during the picking and packing process. We also employ a two-step order check to ensure accuracy, which is why we have an enviable mis-pick rate of a mere 0.0036% (versus the industry average of 4%). This qualifies Verde as one of the top dogs in the Best Order Fulfillment Services category. Additionally, you can view all order progress live 24/7 in our cloud-based system. You never have to wonder if an order shipped or what the tracking number is. With up to the minute tracking information ,Verde Fulfillment has your order fulfillment services (pick and pack) covered.

E-Commerce + Drop Shipping

Doing e-commerce order fulfillment business and drop-ship order fulfillment are absolute "musts" for businesses. Doing it well, is the key, which is why Verde is the Best Order Fulfillment Services company availabe. Verde drop-ships web store orders for our clients all day long. After an order is placed in your shopping cart, the order appears in our cloud-based system almost instantly. This is through an integration where your shopping cart talks to our cloud-based system. We ship these drop-ship orders the same day. All drop-ship and e-commerce orders tracking information and inventory synchronizes back to your website. Top quality customer service is what you expect and what we deliver for you.

  • A complete e-commerce drop-ship order fulfillment solution.
  • Shopping cart integration to our system, which automates the transition of orders.
  • For a complete listing, visit ourPartners Page.
  • E-mail shipment tracking notifications
  • Web-enabled shipment tracking
  • Automatic address correction/verification
  • Inventory synchronization
  • The Best Order Fulfillment Services, guaranteed

Fulfillment Warehousing + Storage

We ship to major retail stores and large chains everyday. We understand the importance of vendor compliance and retailer specific routing guides to ensure your products make it to their destination accurately and efficiently. We can manage your bulk inventory, pallets, cross-docking, lot controlled inventories, quality control and most anything else you want to throw at us.

Shipping + Logistics

Handling all of your international inbound and outbound freight is what we do, too. Whether arranging your container from Hong Kong to Verde, or small parcels from Fiji to Amsterdam, we can manage your air, ocean or overland logistics.