important Information:

  • To register a new Inbound Shipment, CLICK HERE
  • To register a new Product Return, CLICK HERE
  • Download our USA Zip-Code Zone Locator, CLICK HERE
  • Download our USA FedEx Ground Service Map, CLICK HERE
  • How to fill out a commercial invoice for international shipments: CLICK HERE

Best practices for clients:

  • "Best Way" method of shipping is working extremely well.  If your orders come into our system with this designation, our shipping system will know how and what to choose as your shipping method.  If you want just FedEx or just USPS options, or a mixture of both, we can do that, too.  Talk to your Client Coordinator about this to make it happen now.
    • FedEx Best Rate (shops FedEx for the cheapest rate). This is Verde's Preferred Option as it favors FedEx.
    • Rate Shop (Shops All Carriers (read: will always be FedEx or USPS, but can tell customers it does check others, such as UPS, as it does, it just doesn't select them, as the inflated the prices will never be lower)). This will ultimately be the cheapest method all the time.
    • Ground+ Rate Shop (shops all Carriers (again, internally: FedEx and USPS) for the Best Rate that is at least as fast as FedEx Ground, including Priority Mail from USPS). So far the most popular option.
    • We have the ability to rate shop based on EXPECTED transit time, such as say, "buy the least expensive service that will arrive in 2 days or less."  This takes some extra manipulation, but is possible!
    • Freight Cost Increase:  USPS, FedEx and UPS have all increased global rates by a minimum of 5% on all shipments, which includes dimensional rate increases.  Please keep this in mind as you plan your shipping methods going forward.
  • Returns Processing is getting an overhaul for Q2 2018.  Verde will be utilizing a new software system just for processing your product returns and to give you more insight into the process as a whole.  As this new program gets ready to roll out, we will be in touch with more details about how we are going to make your lives more efficient in this area.
  • Future Planning: Please continue to communicate to Verde about future sale dates, upcoming inbound shipments, and adding new SKU's to your system.  The more insight we have in these areas will make our execution of tasks that much easier (and quicker!).
  • Compliance Orders: Remember that all Compliance-specific orders need to be in to your Client Coordinator 2-weeks before the first ship date.  This is to make sure all expectations are inline between you, your customer and Verde.
  • International shipments just got a bit less expensive, like by 20%.  Through the FedEx FIMS program, our per pound rate just got reduced by $1.00.  If you are not familiar with this international shipping method, your Client Coordinator can enlighten you to the costs and benefits.
  • Live Quotes: Remember if you need/want to do any shipping quotes, you can use the live Quote Tool on our website:  
  • Shipping Options: We are still seeing great value in using FedEx SmartPost instead of USPS Priority in terms of cost, and in the 2 - 9 pound range of shipment weight.  Over 10 pounds, your best value is FedEx Ground.  One pound and under, USPS rules the category in First Class or Priority.  Remember, USPS First Class max weight is now 16oz for product and packaging.