General Questions:

How long does it take to get set up with Verde? 

- We can get you set up in a matter of hours.  

Do I need to sign a long contract with Verde? 

- Absolutely not.  We work month-to-month. 

If you work with us, you’ll love us and want to stay!

Does Verde have any order minimums? 

- Absolutely not.

What is Verde’s accuracy rate? 

-  99.99064%  Industry average is 96%

E - Commerce Questions:

Which shopping carts does Verde support? 

 Please check our Integrations Page on our website for the latest.

Does Verde integrate with any accounting programs? 

Yes, we do Quickbooks through a 3rd party integration.

Does Verde integrate with any order-management systems? 

Yes, please see our Integrations Page.

How long does a shopping cart integration take?

  From 3-minutes to 25-minutes.

How do we charge our customers for shipping? 

Two ways:  set up live rates in your shopping cart, or set up flat rate shipping in your shopping cart.  For flat rate, Verde will provide you with rate charts and help you determine the best course of action. 

What shipping service does Verde use? 

FedEx, USPS and UPS

Does Verde handle Product Returns? 

Yes.  You can have your products returned to Verde, where we will follow your protocol to determine how you want to handle each one.

We have never used a fulfillment company before, is that a problem? 

Absolutely not.  Our goal is to help you create a good relationship from the start, not mend a broken one.

How quick can you ship our orders? 

Same day service on most orders, but 24-hour turn-around is a given!

Processing Order Questions:


Yes.  We ship to both retail stores and direct to consumers all day long.

Can Verde ship our products to international customers? 

Yes.  We ship to all points around the world daily.  

How can I send orders to Verde? 

We can integrate with your shopping cart, your accounting program or your order management system.  We can also import orders through flat files or customer service can even manually enter the orders for you.

How quickly does Verde ship my orders? 

Same day service on most orders, but 24-hour turn-around is a given!  For faster service, you’ll need to time travel.

Is there tracking for my orders?

Can my customers get tracking information?  Yes, every order has tracking that can be sent to you and your customer automatically.

How easily can I view my inventory? 

Because our system is cloud-based, you have access anywhere and anytime you can get on the internet.  

Can you tell me when my inventory is low? 

Yes.  We can set inventory alarms for lows or highs.

Does Verde allow for custom packing slips for my orders?

Yes, we put your logo on it. It is your order, we customize it to fit your business.

Can I visit Verde? 


We love it when clients and prospective clients come to visit us.  Our facility is always clean and we’re proud of our facility in action.

Once we choose to work with Verde, what are the next steps? 

We can meet in person, Skype, FaceTime or simply email you some documents to sign and you send them back.  We get you set-up in our system while your inventory is on it’s way to our facility.  It doesn't get much easier.

Can Verde ship my products from our factory to Verde? 

Yes.  We do this for most of our clients to help save them on shipping costs of sending their inventory to Verde.

Can Verde clear US Customs for me? 

Yes.  We utilize our broker for this service.

How do we get our product to Verde? 

Just ask and we will make it happen.