Client Knowledge Base:

Key Information You Need to Know

Here is some key information for you to ensure you are getting the most from your relationship with Verde.    Please read through this information and even feel free to download a copy to keep as a quick reference tool.

Internal Team Key Contact Information

Important Information

  • To register a new Inbound Shipment, CLICK HERE
  • To register a new Product Return, CLICK HERE
  • Download our USA Zip-Code Zone Locator, CLICK HERE
  • Download our USA FedEx Ground Service Map, CLICK HERE
  • How to fill out a commercial invoice for international shipments: CLICK HERE
  • To get a pallet (LTL) freight quote, CLICK HERE

The three most important things to remember  

  • You are in charge of Order Management, meaning that you, the client, are solely in charge of getting your orders into Verde's warehousing software (Veracore) either through manual order-entry, an order import template, or a direct integration, as well as monitoring backorders and returns/exchanges.  It is assumed that all orders are ready to be processed and shipped if they are entered into Veracore’s system or submitted via import template. If order templates are unable to be uploaded due to errors in the order information your Client Coordinator or IT dept will reach out to notify you and we will await an updated template for submission.
  • Verde is in charge of Order Processing, meaning that once an order enters into Verde's order management system, Verde is solely responsible for processing the order for picking, packing and shipping within the requested timeline.
  • We have a client portal login for our clients through our website, which contains a lot of great information like a shipping calculator, to help you get estimates for customers any hour of the day, and an example of a commercial invoice. 

New Client Information

This is important information for any new clients to help understand the workflow of how things work at Verde.

  • Veracore set up: Our IT dept sets up your system in Veracore which usually takes 1-3 business days to achieve when we have all of the necessary information from you. We always want to make sure we have your complete product information..always.  If you need to update any SKU information, please use the template provided by your Client Coordinator.
    • The template data should contain the following data:  SKU, PRODUCT NAME/Product Description, Barcode/UPC,HTS Code, Category,Brand,Supplier,Length (unit),Width (unit), Height (unit), Weight (unit), # of Units per Master Carton, Master Carton Dimensions, Ave weight P/Carton, Material Breakdown, MSRP, Wholesale Value
  • Reports needed: Our system has many standard reports that allow you to get as many business metrics as you need.  If you find a need for additional information, just let your Client Coordinator know.
  • Invoicing reports needed:  Verde can automate a report to help you get all of the information needed to invoice your wholesale customers.  This report is in a .csv format and can be manipulated to import into Quickbooks or most any other accounting program.

Getting orders into Verde’s system

 There are four main ways to get orders into Verde’s system for processing:

  • Shopping cart integration - our system has integrations in place for most major web-based shopping carts which can pull orders from the carts and push back tracking info and synchronize inventory.  This is managed by a third-party partners, and billed by Verde to you.
  • Quickbooks integration - our system can accept orders from Quickbooks through a third-party integration.  This integration is a one way integration. It will push orders to Veracore, but will not pull shipping or tracking information back into Quickbooks. 
  • Manual order entry - Every user of our system (you) receives a login where you can manually enter orders directly into our system.
  • Import template - Verde’s on-boarding team can email you a template where you enter information into the spreadsheet and email it to your Client Manager at Verde.  Many non-integrated systems allow for exporting your order information in a .csv format (Excel), for importing into our system.

Order cutoff times

Orders received into Verde’s system or via email to your Client Manager prior to 10:30 am MST will be processed and submitted to the warehouse for picking and packing. We ship 95% of orders the same day throughout the year with our best efforts.  During our peak season from Oct - Dec, orders will leave Verde’s facility within 24-hours of processing. Expedited FedEx or UPS shipments will ship by the end of the business day that the order is submitted to the warehouse.


We always recommend getting insurance for all parts of your supply chain.  Pay the extra insurance costs from your freight forwarder when importing products into the US.  Insure the value of your inventory while it is in our facilities, and if your shipments exceed $100 in value, ask to have additional amounts of insurance added to your shipments.  Things can go wrong that are out of our and your control. Better to be safe and covered.

Importing/Getting Product to Verde

Product can arrive at Verde any number of ways.  Some clients like to arrange this part themselves, while others like Verde to take control of it from the very start.  Whatever your comfort range is, Verde can accommodate you. For all inbound shipments you will be required to fill out the Inbound Form (CLICK HERE), as penalties can be issued should this step be neglected. There is also a great blog post, which describes most of this information if this is new for you: (CLICK HERE)

  • When you arrange the freight:  If you are going to arrange the transportation of your inventory to Verde, you will need to have an Importers Bond in place with US Customs in order to do so.  Please be aware that our dock hours are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Monday thru Friday. MST, please forward this information along to your freight company.
  • When Verde arranges the freight:  When Verde arranges the transportation of your inventory to our facility, we will require your factory contact information.  With that information, we will have our freight company contact your factory to arrange the logistics. They will need to know total number of cartons, weight per carton, number of units, HTS code, cost of goods per unit and when the “ready” date is.  Some information varies between international inbound shipments and US domestic shipments.
  • Importer of Record: If you have an Importers Bond in place with US Customs, you will be the Importer of Record (IOR) for your international inbound shipment into the US.  Verde cannot act as your IOR, but most freight-forwarders can help you obtain a limited entry, as needed. For more information on importing your products, visit our blog post:  Click Here
  • Duties/Taxes:  For any inbound international shipments, you will (most likely) have duties/taxes payable before the delivery of your inventory to Verde.  If you are the IOR on the shipment, you will need to pay this upfront. If Verde is the IOR, we pay this on your behalf and invoice you for the amount due.
  • US Customs Broker: Verde has our own US Customs Broker.  This service is required for all international inbound shipments.  This service includes all necessary forms filed with US Customs and validation of all HTS codes for your products.
  • HTS Codes:  When a product comes into the US, it is assigned a generic HTS code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule).  Each product has a duty/tax rate assigned to it based on the HTS code. You can research your own product’s HTS code here:  Also, please note that an HS Code is not the same as an HTS Code.
  • Foreign Trade Zone:  If you want to utilize Verde’s FTZ, there are specific arrangements that need to be made well ahead of your shipment leaving the foreign port.  Please discuss this with your Client Coordinator to ensure compliance is met. Read more about our FTZ on our website.

Setting Up Your Shopping Cart

Some clients have a shopping cart to service their direct sales to their customers.  Verde currently has over 70+ shopping carts integrated directly to our Order Management System.  Verde works with most every major web-based shopping cart. For a list of those available, visit the Integrations Page on our website.

  1. Matching SKU’s: The basic way an integration works between your shopping cart and Verde is through having your SKU numbers match one another.  If you change a SKU on your website and not inform Verde, your integration will not work. This matching is the key to success.
  2. Shopping Cart Integration: Verde handles the necessary setup for supported shopping carts, with a few steps that need to be addressed on your end. The IT Manager will help you though this should you have any questions.  You will simply need to create an ‘admin’ login for Verde, and we take care of the rest. Our integration will push your orders into our system, then send the shipment tracking info back into your shopping cart closing the order, as well as synchronizing your inventory numbers.
  3. Shipping Methods:  Within your shopping cart, there are many shipping method choices for your customers to choose from.  Depending on your product mix, Verde advises using: USPS First Class or Priority, FedEx SmartPost, FedEx Ground Home Delivery, 2-Day, Overnight Standard or Rate Shop. If you are using the aforementioned methods, please have those listed as shipping options on your cart, so that our IT Manager can properly map the correct shipping method. For more options please speak with the Client Experience Manager directly. During the first two weeks of order processing there may be a very slight delay in orders uploading into Veracore as we fine tune communication between Veracore and your site. Below is a map with the approximated transit time for ground shipments.
  4. NOTE: The ground shipping method is not available for shipments to Hawaii and Alaska
  5. Live Rates: Within each shopping cart, Verde strongly advises on implementing the ‘live rates’ feature.  This will require you to open a USPS and/or FedEx account online (process is in a separate document).  You will never use the accounts you get, as they are just used for quoting live shipping rates for your customers.  You will also want to ensure you choose “retail” or “list” rate for displaying rates to your customers. Obtaining account information is up to you for both USPS and FedEx.


If you are selling your products to major retailers in the US market such as Target, Walmart, REI, Cabela’s, etc., these specific orders will flow through our Vendor Compliance department.  This is a group of highly trained individuals, who understand the ins and outs of vendor routing guides. If one little tiny element is missed during the processing of these orders, you could be subject to a large chargeback.  Our VC team works diligently to prevent that from happening.

  • Starting Out: When you start selling to a large retailer requiring the services of our VC team, you will need to ensure you have all proper documentation from your retailer.  They all have Routing Guides, Vendor Compliance Guides, EDI guides, and/or Packing Guides which you need to get from them and send a copy via email to our Client Coordinator. We will review the guides and communicate any concerns with you to make sure the process is completely clear.
  • Expectations: All VC orders require extra time and effort to make absolutely perfect.  Plan ahead for processing time. Company Guidelines sometimes require routing by a third party or freight shipping. This generally requires 24-48 hours to process and ship. Otherwise small orders of 1-5 cartons are usually processed within 24 hrs. Larger orders ship window will depend on total number of units and packing/shipping requirements. Plan ahead and submit these order as soon as they can be submitted for the quickest shipping times.
  • Adding New Vendors: Each time you add a new vendor requiring vendor compliance, please plan ahead and get Agreements and vendor routing guides signed and sent well ahead of time. We require at least 7 business days to have our VC set up the correct accounts and can become fully versed on the guidelines before we can process an order.
  • Charges:  Because of the extra time required to process VC orders, Verde charges for the labor-time to specially pack, document, route, build/print labels, and the send ship notices required for these orders.  The normal pick/pack fees apply outside of VC order processing time charges.
  • Over-Communicate:  We cannot stress enough how important it is to over-communicate with your Verde Client Manager about any large VC order or new vendors with large orders.  You cannot communicate enough. Your Client Coordinator will base order processing times and expectations on information provided to them and those guidelines will be followed by the Vendor Compliance Team when processing your order.
  • Chargebacks: Rarely does a chargeback happen from a large vendor due to poor order management or mis-shipping.  If a chargeback does happen from your vendor, Verde will audit the shipment in full and provide all possible data to your vendor to assist them in reducing or withdrawing the chargeback.  If a chargeback occurs as a result of negligent order management from the client, Verde will not be held responsible.

Receiving Inventory

When sending your inventory to Verde, it is very important to follow these procedures to ensure your inventory is received quickly and accurately.  

  • All inbound shipments to Verde need to have the following:
    • Electronic packing list in .csv format sent at least one week prior to expected arrival.  A template is is available from the Client Experience Manager.
    • Includes:  PO, SKU, UPC, Qty, Color, Size, Description, Price, Weight, Dimensions, Master Carton qty, Case Pack qty
    • All items correctly barcoded with either a scannable SKU# or UPC#  (see example below)
    • Each individual item is scanned during inbound, unless you have made arrangements during onboarding to allow Verde to only scan the Master Carton barcode.
    • Master Cartons need to have scannable barcodes on both the long and short side of cartons, as well as product SKU, name and description.
    • Inner Case Packs need to have qty one scannable barcode with SKU# and name, color, size, etc.
    • You will need to allow up to 5-days for receiving inventory during busy inbound times: May-July and Sept-Nov.  Depending on FIFO, receiving can be quicker.
    • Automated receiving reports are emailed to you from our system once complete.

Important Requirements:

Packaging Requirements  

  • Each item must have a unique SKU/UPC with scannable barcode with minimum of 10-point font
  • Each item must have an exterior scannable barcode or label (which includes a scannable barcode
    • Old or un-scannable barcodes must be rendered un-scannable
  • Cross out the barcode, peel off label, scribble through barcode area
  • Items requiring kitting or assembly will be moved to the Projects Team upon arrival.  Notification of this need must be sent to the Inbound team before inventory arrives at Verde.  For all inbound shipments you will be required to fill out the Inbound form (CLICK HERE), as penalties can be issued should this step be neglected.
  • Items arriving in polybags must have scannable barcodes easily accessible.  
  • Any damage to polybags or packaging materials will be moved to the Projects Team for fixing with applicable labor/materials applied to your account.
  • All master cartons need to be identical SKU’s inside.  One item is scanned per master carton during receiving and must match item barcode on outside of carton
  • Products that expire must include the expiration date on the master carton in 36+ point font and on each of the individual items. Lot numbers (registered in our system for FDA compliance) alone are insufficient.  
  • Expiration dates must be displayed in the format MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY (see example below)
  • Marketing materials that are not to be received into inventory and only used during the packing process do not need barcodes and will not be tracked in our system

Labeling Requirements  

  • Verde uses barcodes throughout our entire fulfillment process.  Each item sent to Verde requires a scannable barcode

    • Eligible barcodes include SKU, GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN
    • Barcodes must be a minimum of 10-point font and readable by a human

How To Package Your Shipment 

Correctly packaging your shipment is vital to ensure your inventory comes to Verde perfectly, and that it's ready to be received quickly.

  • Use a corrugated six-sided box with flaps
  • Use one address label that has clear, complete delivery and return information (see example below)
  • Each inbound pallet must have four labels, one on the top center of each side
  • Each box on the pallet requires its own label
  • If you are reusing boxes, remove all old shipping labels, markings and barcodes
  • Wrap all fragile or glass items separately, or ensure they are separated to avoid breakage.  Any broken items will be moved to the Projects Team immediately (see example below)
  • Use adequate packaging material to protect your items during transit
  • After you pack your box give it a shake, then drop it from 3 feet high onto the corners to ensure it is in compliance with freight company drop-tests
  • Do not use string, straps or package multiple cartons together in plastic
  • If cartons or items are damaged during transit to Verde, the damaged cartons or items will be moved to the Projects Team and you will be notified of the extent of damage

Acceptable packaging materials include:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Bio-peanuts
  • Heavy craft paper
  • Recyclable air pillows
  • Bubble wrap

Unacceptable packaging materials include:  Cartons will be moved to the Projects Team, and disposal fees will apply

  • Styrofoam of any kind
  • Non-recyclable plastics of any kind
  • Shredded paper
  • Important: Failure to comply with Verde’s inventory preparation requirements, will result in your inbound shipment moving to our Projects Team to fix with applicable labor and materials charges being applied to your account.


Once your items are received at Verde, it becomes our responsibility.  Our goal is always complete and accurate inventory numbers. However, there are always going to be circumstances that can make your inventory numbers vary.  In an effort to ensure you always have real-time access and complete visibility, please use use the following:

  • Inventory Quantities: You can see your real-time inventory anytime in our system.  You can do an inquiry on an individual item, group of items, or complete inventory.
    • OMS report:  Reports>Products>Product Summary Report (ATS report)
  • Cycle-Counts: Cycle counts on certain SKUs and/or full inventory requests can be made online through the Client Area of our website.  These requests will go directly to the Inbound Team. The inbound team will be responsible for providing a timeline directly to you.
  • Adjustments: Any adjustments to your inventory will be approved by you ahead of time with an explanation as to why.

Storage/Warehousing Your Products

Verde stores your items either in bulk storage areas (pallets), or in pickable locations. This will have been discussed at length during your on-boarding process.  We move your items internally between the two locations to ensure maximum efficiency for picking your orders.

  • Communicate with your Client Coordinator is you have older, unsold items that you want moved to the bulk storage area or if you want the items shipped back to you or disposed of.  
    • You cannot move items back and forth at your discretion, as applicable labor charges will apply
  • Disposal or items from quarantine or bulk storage is at your discretion, and fees will apply.  
  • Items left in quarantine more than 90-days will automatically be disposed of with fees applied to your account.  Communicate with your Client Coordinator if you wish to utilize long-term storage for these items.

Outbound Shipments 

  • All orders must have a valid Method of Shipment (MOS).  An incorrect MOS can result in an order delay. A list of available MOS’s is available during the on-boarding process.
  • Verde will not send shipments COD.
  • For rate-shop MOS orders, client accepts this as the choice without repercussion to Verde.

International Orders

  • B2C will use pricing in VeraCore as the value for international customs declarations.  Any variance from this will need to have a waiver signed by the client before the shipment leaves Verde.
  • B2B requires a commercial invoice directly from the client.  If client does not or will not provide the commercial invoice, Verde will use pricing set up in VeraCore to generate it.  Not having proper information with international orders can cause delays in releasing the shipment.
  • All international shipments default to duties/taxes collect, except in special circumstances approved by the Client Coordinator.

Ship and Hold

If you would like Verde to build an order to quote it to you, simply enter an order and in the shipping notes write “ship and hold”. This order will be processed as normal, but held on our docks until we receive your confirmation to ship - see below for your options on how to proceed. You will have 10 business days after the shipping quote is provided to you to advise how you wish to proceed. If at the end of 11 business days no resolution is received the quote will be cancelled and your order will be processed as a return (order and return fees will apply).

  • This is not available for multi-pallet orders, only orders of 1-5 cartons
  • Possible Options: 
  • Have this order shipped: Please email your Client Coordinator within the 10 business day period to advise that you wish to have the order shipped and we will ship it within 1 business day.
  • Cancel the quote: Please email your Client Coordinator to advise that the quote was cancelled. We will then process this order as a return and put all items back into stock for you. (order/return fees will apply)

Large LTL Shipments

  • For outbound shipments of more than 1 pallet, please allow for 4-6 days to build the order, palletize it and quote the shipment for you.  Any extra labor time and materials to build the order will be billed to client.

Common Shipping Issues

  • Q.Why is my tracking number not working?  Tracking numbers can sometimes take a bit of time to activate. When this happens when the shipment missed its initial scan at the carrier sorting facility. The tracking number will be activated the next time there is an in-transit scan, which happens at numerous points during transit. Notify your Client Coordinator if your shipment has passed the expected arrival window and they will file a claim on your behalf with the freight company.
  • Q.The customer is refusing to pay for the customs fees. What do I do?  Realistically, the product will be abandoned because paying for return shipping will be cost-prohibitive. It will most likely cost more than the value of the product to return it. There can sometimes be disposal charges for the product, which are generally less than the cost of shipping the product back.
  • Q.My order has been lost. What can I do?  In case of a lost order, you should notify your Client Coordinator. Freight carriers include shipping insurance of $100 on all domestic shipments.
  • Q.My order arrived damaged. What can I do?  In case of a damaged order, you should notify your Client Coordinator. Freight carriers include shipping insurance of $100 on all domestic shipments.
  • Q.How do I deal with an invalid destination address?  All shipping addresses are run against USPS address databases domestically. Occasionally we auto-correct addresses that are entered incorrectly. If the address is not recognizable, it gets put on hold and your Client Coordinator will notify you via email. If this happens, you should contact your customer and ask them to provide the address in a different format or an alternate address where their order can be shipped. If the customer insists that the address is correct, Verde can force the address through to the facility. This may incur additional cost and may require a different carrier, however.
  • Q.My order was returned, but is not in inventory. Why? This is likely because the order was returned, but has not been received yet by the warehouse.
  • Q.How do I cancel an order?  Contact your Client Coordinator and they will take care of it for you.  Please note that if cancellation is after the order has been packed and shipped in our system, then the order will be returned as a product return.

Personalizing Your Orders

  • Confirmation Emails: typically your shopping cart will send an automated email to your customers with their order confirmation.  However, we can also do this automatically through our system. If given the choice, have your shopping cart send it out, but if you do not have a cart set-up with us, then know we can do it for you in a nice customized fashion.
  • Shipping Label Return Address: We can add in your company name on the return address field on the shipping label, along with our address.  This is normal and makes the shipment look like it came directly from you.
  • Packing List: Our order packing list (known internally as a Shipping Order) will have your company logo and return address on it, along with the contents of the shipment and any items backordered.  There is not much customization allowed here, but it gets the correct information in the hands of your customers immediately upon opening their order.
  • Inserts/Marketing Materials: We can insert most any type of marketing insert you would like during the packing process.  There is a small fee to do this, and is a great way to engage your customers after the sale and during possible promotions.  
  • Packing Materials: If you have specific packing materials you want used for your orders, such as logo tape, stickers on the outside, etc., we can certainly do this for you.  We supply all cartons, shipping bags, void-fill, etc. already, so for anything outside of that, we can help you out.

Product Returns

The Client Experience Manager will go over the process you have in place and how we can integrate that within our existing system. Once this process is in place it is fairly simple. It requires you filling out the returns form and then providing an RA# to your customer. Generally there are two routes we can proceed with once a return is received. These two options are listed below. The Returns Form which you must fill out at the time you issue an RA#, additional charges will be issued should this step be neglected. You will be able to select one of the two following options when submitting the form.

  • Return to stock: Once the product is received our returns team will inspect the product to see if it is in sellable condition and add it to stock. If it is not then our Returns Team will reach out directly to see how you wish to proceed. If this is an exchange please place a brand new order through Veracore to have the new item shipped out.
  • Quarantine: If you select this option it indicates to returns that we should contact you once the return is received. Your client manager will be reaching out to discuss how you wish to proceed. There are three steps you can proceed with should you select this option.
    • Keep in Quarantine - This will count the item as in stock and you will accrue storage fees. After you amass a suitable amount of product you can have us ship it in its entirety back to you for repairs or destruction.
    • Quarantine products may stay there for 90-days maximum, at which point we can either dispose of your products or ship them back to you.
  • Send back to you: We can ship that order right to your directly after receiving it.
  • Disposal: We will dispose of the product for you.
  • NOTE: The returns form is for your internal use only, please do not distribute it to your customers.


For anything outside of the normal fulfillment process, you would engage with our Projects Team to create a work order, estimate and completion timeline for you.  These type of projects can include assembly, tagging, bagging, restickering, repackaging, you name it. You should discuss this with your Client Coordinator first and they will bring in the Project Team to the discussion.  Plan ahead for any projects so your expectations are met.


Verde invoices you on the first of each month for the previous month’s fulfillment activity.  When we send an invoice, it is through email to your A/P contact we have on file for you.

How to audit charges:  You can audit charges by utilizing our order management system. You can run reports on total orders, items shipped, shipping charges, returns, etc.

Auditing your monthly invoice from Verde:  When reviewing your monthly invoice from Verde, we provide you the tools in our system to audit all numbers yourself at any time.  Here is a list of where to find this information:

  • Order #’s, Item, Freight: Reports>Shipping>Detailed Shipping Log
  • Receiving: Inventory>Reports>Product Transaction Summary
  • Product Returns: Inventory>Reports>Product Returns
  • Projects, storage, materials, inbound freight charges and vendor compliance charges are unable to be reported on in our system at the current time.   

When and How Do I Pay Verde? Your payment terms are Net 10.  This means that your payment for the previous month’s fulfillment activity is due by the 10th of each month.

  • If your payment is not received at Verde by the 10th, you will incur a $25 late fee.  
  • If your payment is not received at Verde by the 15th, all fulfillment activity is stopped and your account is placed on credit hold.
  • If payment is late three months in a row, Verde will require a deposit equal to the amount of 50% of the average value of the previous three months invoice totals.